Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MadPea Games : The Tower - Done!

OMG I tried out The Tower game from MadPea, and I am DONE! And this game is most definitely not what I thought it would be. All I knew was that it involves tarot cards, so I thought it would have something to do with witchcraft (as you can see in my previous post). And boy, was I wrong. Once again MadPea has put some brilliant madness into the game plot and brain-squeezing puzzles we all love. Find the official reference of what this game is about here. Here I am sharing some parts of my experience.

So you will start the game here and you can buy your HUD and the uniform there. You can also get some add-ons, which include an earpiece that will give you some hints throughout the game and a nametag that you can customize. When you have your HUD on, you can just enter a door to start, and you will get into the first scene of the game, which is waking up with no memory inside a hospital-mixed-with-prison-like room.

As I walked around to find out what I should do, I found the rules on the wall, and they are crystal clear, lol. So that's what we do throughout the game. Find a puzzle, look for clues, finish the puzzle, go to the next room. 

It wasn't always easy to find the clues, sometimes they were hidden well in the room. And even when I found one, I needed to figure out what to do with the information. That's when the curiosity kicked in, and I just did not want to stop working on it! Because without finding out about these clues, I wouldn't have found out what actually was going on with the main character - me or you!

...and one thing's for sure, in MadPea's games, there's a huge chance you will find some blood splatters throughout your adventure. Some thrills! Overall, I finished this game (and grabbed my prizes, woo hoo!) feeling totally satisfied, and if you love MadPea's games, I guess you guys will, too!

Credits : 

Gameplay and outfit : MadPea - The Tower

Mesh Head : LeLutka - Bento Head - Simone

Mesh Body : Maitreya - Lara

Mesh Hands : Vista - F-Vista Bento Prohands Fem-v.2 Final

Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Klaasje - Pineapple

Eyes : Avi-Glam - Entice - Olive

Hair - Yumyum - 81

Eyewear : Meshdol - 7 color Nerd Glasses (w/ color changer and resizer)

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  1. Having only got to the second room (bowling alley) i am already frustrated. any small clue?