Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tea for Unity!

Tea is a popular drink almost everywhere in the world. You can find various kinds of tea around the world, and they may have varying tea culture. The concept of tea culture is referred to in Chinese as chayi ("the art of drinking tea"), or cha wenhua ("tea culture"). 

One of the occasions when people in China drink tea is to celebrate wedding! In the traditional Chinese marriage ceremony, the bride and groom kneel in front of their respective parents and serve them tea and then thank them, which is a devout way to express their gratitude for being raised. On some occasions, the bride serves the groom's family, and the groom serves the bride's family. This process symbolizes the joining together of the two families. 

Note : I took the information from Wikipedia - I am not really familiar with Chinese tea customs. But I can definitely enjoy doing this in SL with this set! <3

Credits :

Studio Skye - Land Forms Building Set

3D Trees - Pine Tree

NEWCHURCH for On9 - Shen Wedding Tea Ceremony Set

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