Monday, October 24, 2016

Draftsman - An Upcoming Architecture Shopping Event!

How much do you love a well-designed building in Second Life? I know I really love it! One well-designed building makes my SL experience looks totally awesome. Plus, I am a photographer, so yes it definitely helps a lot!
Good news for all of us SL architecture fans, there is a new shopping event coming soon for us! Draftsman is an architecture bi-monthly shopping event. You will find yourself traveling through time, meeting various architectural creation styles from back in the prehistoric time to the modern time each round.
The first round of Draftsman is coming very soon in less than a month from now, at November 20. So exciting! If you want to design your land or sim in a specific style, the Draftsman is the event you’ve been waiting for! Guaranteed to make your land or sim look amazing. I mean - just look at the design of the event place *points at photos*
Find more information about this event on the following links :
Official website :

Or...yeah, you can just check out the place for now! 

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