Friday, January 6, 2017

The White Rabbit

I posted this pose before, under a different store’s name. But now the talented creator, ŗσσđʆųɧ (Rood Adamczyk) has a new store, SamPoses, I decided to re-post it as this is just one of my favorites!
As for the model, meet my fellow blogger, Bebe (evmoze Resident)! She stopped by my house, ready to model, with the cute bangs and the ponytails. Somehow this pose just came to my mind, as the image of Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit filled my head (thanks to the ponytails). See how panic she looks as she’s running late! 

Credits :
Pose : SamPoses - Ladies Pride
Model : Bebe (evmoze Resident)
Photo Location : My House, decorated by GH G1r1s Decoration Land (contact me if you are interested in getting your land decorated)

Find Bebe’s blog here :

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