Saturday, February 18, 2017

Personal Hideout

Have you ever felt like you need to be alone for a while? If you do (like me), a personal hideout would be a blessing for you. An old Victorian outbuilding in a meadow sounds great, with a lounger, and my own food carriage. Comfy, peaceful, and filled with fresh air!

Credits :

Galland Homes for Draftsman (Jan-Mar 2017) - Victorian Outbuilding 

Landscaping :
Studio Skye - Land Forms Building Set
FANATIK - Garden (Trees, Bushes, Hills)

Chic Buildings for Draftsman (Jan-Mar 2017) - Window and Bed Frame Clutter

NEWCHURCH for Draftsman (Jan-Mar 2017) - Phoebe Chaise Lounge
(multiple poses and colors on click)

.:revival:. for Draftsman (Jan-Mar 2017) - Small Ottoman Linen
(color change on click)

Roawenwood for Draftsman (Jan-Mar 2017) - Afternoon Delight Refreshment Cart Set

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