Friday, September 8, 2017

Surrounded by Nature

Have you ever felt somewhat overwhelmed by people? From work, or maybe even just the people around you? I know I have, quite a lot of time actually, being an introvert. One of the things that really work best in handling the feeling is by getting some solitude surrounded by nature. A lovely little gazebo like this would work wondrously! Just need to stay there, with some tea and a great book or just listening to calming music until you get fully recharged.

Credits :

Raindale for Cosmopolitan (Aug 28 - Sep 9,2017) - Lanefield Gacha items :
Lanefield Pavilion (Rare)
Lanefield Table
Lanefield Pouf (brown)
Lanefield Pouf (green)
Lanefield Vase 1-3
Lanefield Lantern
Lanefield Chair
Lanefield Bench
Lanefield Basket

Little Branch for Cosmopolitan (Aug 28 - Sep 9,2017) - Young Sweet Chestnut
(package contains the big and small tree, hill, snow hill, snake weed, and wild grass (dry))

3D Trees - Banyan Tree

JIAN - Squirrel Feeder

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